Python library qrcode: Create QR Code Generator Using Python

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Did you look to create a QRcode using python?. This article is for you in this article we are covering the topic of what is qrcode and how to generate a qrcode using python. So before starting the tutorial let’s discuss what is qrcode and what it is mainly used for?.

What exactly is QR Code?

A QR code Short form for (Quick Response code) is a type of 2D matrix barcode that can store and retrieve data quickly. The QR code consists of black and white squares arranged in a specific pattern, with the data being encoded in the patterns of the black squares. And a Qr code is capable of storing information such as website URLs, product information, and contact details.

Where QR Code is mainly used?

  • Payment systems
  • Event Ticketing
  • Contact information
  • Authentication
  • File sharing

So let’s look at how can we create a QR Code generator using python. For to do this python has a library called “qrcode“. You can simply install this library by pip command. We are using this library to generate a qrcode using python code. So let’s get started

Installing the library

For to do this run the following command

pip install qrcode

By running this it will install the qrcode library on your computer. For image generating purposes you need to install its dependency. You can do this by the following command

pip install "qrcode[pil]"

Now you are done with the installation process of the library. Next, we can move forward and check how we can create a QR code generator using python. Here we can generate a Qr code in two steps

  • 1) By command line
  • 2) Or using python code

First, we can look at how we can create a QR code image by command line. For to do this you can refer to the following command

Creating QR Code by Command Line

qr "Some text" > demo.png

Explanation of the code

As per mentioned above let’s look at the explanation of the above code. Here first we call the qrcode library by qr. On the continuation, you can see that “Some text” is mentioned in the above code. This refers that the encoded text or data to see when someone scans the QR Code.

For example, you can see that we Give the data “Some text” on the above-mentioned code to encode in QR Code. if we give an URL of our website “” instead of “Some text” mentioned on the above code it will encode our website URL on that QR Code and if someone scans the QR Code it will redirect them to the given website link.

Let’s look at the QR Code image created for our website using above code insted of “Some text”. We are encoding our website URL on the Qr Code

qr "" > ideasorblogs.png

Result of the code

Now we are done with creating a QR Code on the command line.

Creating a QR Code using Python code

Now we can look at the second method by using python code. To do this open an IDE you can use pycharm visual studio code or another IDE. After this create a file name or any other file name you like. You can refer to the following code on how to create a QR Code using python code and we will explain the code detail Below.

import qrcode

img = qrcode.make('QR Code Generator')


Explanation of the code

Now let’s look at the explanation of the python code. As mentioned above we first import qrcode library in our IDE using the command import qrcode. This means that the library is imported and we can start to create a QR code generator.

In the next line, you can see that the img variable is declared. This variable is used to store qrcode.make function. So you have a confusion that What is qrcode.make function

What is qrcode.make function

qrcode.make function is the main function in qrcode library which helps us to create a QR Code from text, URL, etc. In this above mentioned code, we are passing our data in this function to create a QR Code for that data. You can see this from the above code.

And the next line type(img) and finally we save the generated image using“qrcode.png”). You can see the generated image below. This QR Code contains our website URL

You are done with creating a QR Code generator using python. Hope everyone like this article if you have any doubts or suggestions let me know in the command

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