Link Shortener and Extractor using Python with Source code

Create a Python-powered solution that streamlines and simplifies web addresses – our Link Shortener and Extractor project; providing you with the means to effortlessly create compact links or extract vital information from existing ones.

Source code of Link shortener

import pyshorteners
from urllib.request import urlopen

def link_shortener(link):
    shortener = pyshorteners.Shortener() 
    short_link = shortener.tinyurl.short(link)  
    print('\t[+] Real Link: ' + link)
    print('\t[+] Shortened Link: ' + short_link)

def link_opener(link):
    shortened_url = urlopen(link)
    real_link = shortened_url.geturl()  # getting real link

    # Display
    print('\t[+] Shortened Link: ' + link)
    print('\t[+] Real Link: ' + real_link)

if __name__ == '__main__' :

    num = input("Enter your choice ...\n" 
                "1. Type 1 for shortening link\n"
                "2. Type 2 for extrcting real link from a shorten link\n")

    link = input("Enter the link: ")    

    if (num == '1') :
    else :

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